How to Make Crêpes

Making Crêpes: Utensils and Ingredients

Making Crepes- Utensils and Ingredients

Utensils and Ingredients

If you want to make crepes you can choose to invest in a crêpe maker, but that is not totally necessary. A medium-sized nonstick skillet will work just fine for this process.

Whisk together a cup of wheat flower, an eighth of a teaspoon of kosher salt, three eggs, a cup of skim milk, and two tablespoons of vegetable oil or unsalted, melted butter.

The batter will be watery and light beige. Place it into the refrigerator for at least one hour.
If you want to follow crêpe recipes, you can consider those at this step, but you should fix your shopping list around them.

How to Make Crêpes: The Preparation Process

Preparing Crepes

Preparing Crepes

Heat your pan or griddle to medium-high. Pour in the equivalent of three or four tablespoons of batter into the center. You do not have to be exact here. Hold on to the handle, and lift it from the heat momentarily. You want to swirl the batter around the pan until it covers the surface, making it as thin as you can get it.

You may be able to cover the sides of the pan too. This is recommended. When the batter has stopped glistening, it is time to flip it. Loosen all around it with a soft silicone spatula, then gently flip it over. Finish cooking. It should only take 35-40 seconds on each side, depending on your stove model. When finished, slide it on to a plate.

From here, you can add your chosen crêpe fillings, stack them on top of one another, or roll them up.

Preparing Crêpes: What to Avoid

• Never overcook your crêpes, because it is easy to do.
• If it seems like it should be done, it probably is.
• Do not fill your crêpes too full with ingredients, or they could tear apart when you go to eat them.
• Do not use pans that stick. Only non-stick pans.

How to Make Crêpes: Considerations

• Don’t worry about getting the thinnest crêpes possible. It takes a lot of skill to do.
• If you mess up, don’t fret it. Everybody does when making them for the first few times.
• Never flip your crêpe too early, because it can become a mess.

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